Glad you made it, So here is what I am currently working on. I hope you enjoy it.

I am currently working on getting this bad boy on the road again. It is a 1947 Chrysler Windsor. I have alot of plans for this car. Recently it was re wired by my club brother Mike Trevino, thanks Mike for taking your time to get this beauty back on the road. Currently the breaks and transmission are in the works to be fixed soon. I'd also like to thank David Palanco for helping me out with the Classic Coker tires, better then driving on small 560s lowrider tires. No Bueno.... All the awesome accesories are from Max owner of Old Soul Bomb Shop in Modesto California. The visor was recently given to me for free.. You can't beat free right.... Little by little this car is coming together. Hopefully next spring this car will have a new paint job... We'll see... This is just a quick spill about my car.. More to come.



Glad you made it back, thinking back to when I had ROSIE64

My beloved 1964 Ford Galaxie Custom 500. It all started out as a Trade. Yup, that's right.... I traded my 1963 Pontiac Safari Catalina Wagon for this this Ford. The car was originally from the Sacramento area. I believe I am the 3rd owner. The trade happened at gas station in Stockton, Ca. My good friend Vinny drive it back to San Jose since it was 3 on the tree and I didn't know how to drive it at the time. Half a year later I figured it was time to swap to V8 automatic. Sometime later, I had the car trailered to King City for the heart transplant. We ended up putting in a rebuilt 302 small block Ford Motor. It has 351 Winsor heads for the extra horsepower, it came with a 4 barrel carburetor. Twice a month for 6 months I would drive down to King City to work on the car with friends who helped me shaved the door handles, remove all the trim and welded all the holes. After several months of work, it was trailered back to San Jose for paint and body work. Paint and body work was done by Eric Flores "Big Ez". Orange crush mixed with orange frost was the color chosen for the car. A flattener was put into the mix for the satin basecoat finish. The roof was shot in white and flake was added for the kustom look. About a year later, I had the chrome rims power coated black leaving the center hub cap chrome to give it a custom feel. A few months later I finally chose a name for my car "Rosie" is what I came up with. First, I painted the roses on the back pillars, from there I pinstriped the hood, trunk, seats and dash, next I engraved my back windows and front windows with tons of roses and engraved ROSIE 64 on the back window. The idea came from the famous car we all know as "Gypsy Rose". Rosie 64, has come a long way since I first inquired her. In the last two years many upgrades have been done. The air ride suspension has been updated to new bags and lines, the wiring has been cleaned up, interior has been tightened up, tires and rims have been upgraded. It currently equipped with 14x7 Chrome Steelies, E78s tires Wide White Walls. A new tranny tail has been put in, along with the transmission filter, new aluminum radiator, new 16 inch electric fan, new windshield, new exhaust tips, new starter, new pulley, new motor mounts. The stereo is powered by 3 6x9s one in the dash and two in the package tray and 3 10s in the trunk. Rosie has lots of kool accessories like a custom made color bar by Joe of Firme Classics. The sound and color bar give ROSIE the old skool 70s style feel. When the car is lowered all the way down and cruising down the street you can't help but to think of the old days of lowriding. I am glad people enjoy looking at my car, it is nowhere near perfect or finished but it's a cruiser and its all mine. I'd like to thank my wife Stephanie and my boys for all her patients with me during this build. They are my big supporters of this car and I know they enjoy cruising in ROSIE. I couldn't have gotten Rosie 64 this far without the help of a lot of people. They all have played a special part in the creation of ROSIE 64 I would like to thank the following people Josh Lyons - Welding / Mechanics Eric Florez - Paint / Body Work Vincent Urerra - Rust / Quater Panel Repair / Welding Mike Trevino - Mechanics / Wiring Alex - Air Ride Stan Sumibcay - Tires / Rims Saul Cuevas - Radiator mounts Carlos Sanchez - Auto Repair Ronnie Ogas - Wiring If you helped out in the build of ROSIE 64, please let me know so I can add you to the list. Please keep following the ROSIE 64 build on Facebook and Instagram If you happen to see ROSIE 64 on the road or at show some love by posting a photo and hashtag #rosie64 on your page and tag me!... #rebelonegraphics #rebel_one_graphics #rosie64 #rosadesanjose